Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How-To: Draw a Chibi (Super-Deformed)

First off, I wanna say welcome to the blog. But, I wanna get straight into writing this, so let's do it!

The first entry here is a tutorial on how to draw a "Super Deformed" character.

Dejichan does a really good job explaining how to draw these types of characters, giving a good explanation on what you can do to warm yourself up, and leaves post-production up to you. Make sure you check out this tutorial, as well as the other great pieces of art Dejichan has in her gallery.

Here is a quote on the style from Wikipedia:

"Super Deformed is a specific form of Japanese caricature, in which characters are drawn in a highly exaggerated manner. Those characters are typically small and chubby with stubby limbs and oversized heads. It is sometimes called chibi by some anime fans, though chibi is a different concept that refers more to a person's stature rather than the art style.

It is part of the Japanese culture, and is seen everywhere in Japan, from subway signs and advertising to anime and manga."

So let us hope the confusion surrounding Chibi and Super Deformed is cleared up for you! Enjoy drawing some new Chibi characters, and keep practicing everyday!