Friday, December 7, 2007

How To: A Beginner's Tutorial to Pixel Art

Welcome to another edition... *cough* blog from How2Art. I was surfing on Tutorialblog, and found some interesting links on blogs for Pixel Art. As you should know, pixels are the individual little dots that make up an image on a display screen. So Pixel Art is painting those dots, individually, using computer software. Basically anyone with a PC can do it as well, with the basic Paint program preloaded with Windows! I picked just one of the tutorials listed, but you can get the others on Tutorialblog here.

Derek Yu writes an excellent how to on pixel art. He covers the basics to finishing and coloring your first work of pixel art. It really seems like it is simple, despite the effort you may have to put into it painting dot by dot. Follow his steps and you should be on the right path to gaining the basics of the design process.

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