Monday, December 10, 2007

Art News: Richie Buys Australian Art

Heres some great art news for all those hoping to make a little money from selling their artwork. Maybe you can get a pop-icon to buy it from you. This story comes from Sky News:

Singer Lionel Richie has capped off his Australian tour by purchasing a number of local art works.

Richie is thought to have paid almost $10,000 for a piece by renowned Australian artist Sidney Nolan.

A spokesman for Menzies Art Brands said the former Commodores crooner purchased the graffiti-themed work at an auction in Sydney.

It's believed Richie acquired the artwork for his new Beverley Hills home.

After concluding the Sydney leg of his Australian tour, the singer celebrated with a group of adoring fans at the popular city nightspot, Trademark.

You can find the original story here.

So if you could give your art to any celebrity who whould you give it to (or sell)?